When I was young, I wanted to be a famous Top Fuel Funny Car driver (Google that if you don’t know what that is). Then I wanted to be a rock star. I guess none of that worked out very well as I ended up working in graphic arts and through the years filled the roles of bookbinder, pressman, designer, web developer, and so on. I raised a family, started an astronomy club with my friend and along the way I learned about photography. Back in the 1970’s my neighbor was an NFL training photographer and often took me along as his assistant. I was just having fun running up and down the field loading cameras with film so he didn’t have to stop photographing the Philadelphia Eagles. Now, I can’t thank him enough for the experience and the education I received on those cold winter days. That was my introduction to photography and the photography bug stuck with me all these years. Now its my turn to be creative behind the lens. 
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