Change of Plans


Last week, August 17 – 21, 2020, was the busiest week I have had since the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions were relaxed. During the lockdown I spent a lot of time reviewing my business plan and reimaging how the business model will have to adjust for the Corona Economy. Even though many small shops are seeing a return to “business as usual” there is still an air of indifference. Bars and restaurants for example are offering curbside pick-up and outdoor seating while barber shops and salons are open by appointment only. Which is part of my revamped model, open by appointment only. Turns out, this works very well. I only book one shoot a day which gives me time to clean and sanitize the studio and equipment between clients. Like most places you go these days masks are required in the studio except when you step in front of the camera for your shot. But there has also been a big “behind the scenes” change for me. I have been using Adobe Photoshop since 1999 for retouching my photos. This past month that all changed. My entire workflow changed for the better. I spent the first two weeks of August training on different products and found a system that cuts cataloging and retouching time in half giving my customers better customer service. So, this past week gave me the opportunity to put my new workflow to the test and it worked out to be very efficient.

I am pleased that I took this time to reevaluate my business plan and reimagine my business model and develop a workflow that does not tie me to a computer for long hours after the photoshoot. When the COVID-19 pandemic began and everybody went into lockdown, many said that we are going to come back bigger, better, and stronger than before. I believe we will come back alright. That has already started. Bigger, I am not so sure. I have had to downsize, and it feels comfortable. Better, no question here. If we do not come back better, we may not come back at all.